Dearest Friends,
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11 – September 21st 2005
Today is the seventh anniversary of when my husband Mike went to be with Jesus. On this day, I always ask the Father to give me a special opportunity to share His love, to see others’ need and hurt as much greater than my own. God is so good!

We had planned to go to a distant remote school. Okay, I’ll be honest; I thought we were already in a remote place. However, there was a strike today protesting an increase in the price of gas. No cars were allowed on the road or they could be damaged or confiscated.
School buses were the exception to the rule and we borrowed a school bus. However, they needed to be in their own area. Since we could not travel far away, we found a closer by “remote” school. The road was so bad after the rains that it took us over an hour to travel the 6km. When we arrived, the two schools struggled to find a place for us to set up that would accommodate all the children. Finally, we settled on the porch and many people in the village came as well.

It was an amazing afternoon. They gave us the opportunity to tell hundreds of children and adults all about Jesus. Most of them had never heard the gospel before. God gave us such a sweet privilige and I considered today a very sweet gift from my Father.

On our way out of the village, we stopped at a house so David could pray for a young man who had been severely injured in an accident. There is no real medical care in this area so people turn quicker to prayer than most of us would. Afterwards, the man’s young wife came and spoke to me in the car. The accident had left her husband crippled and mute and she was very broken. She had begun to come to the church and God was beginning to draw her to faith. Certainly God could heal the man but it is more likely that things will remain the same for him. I wanted to encourage her to trust in God no matter what happened. I told her the story of how Mike died in the fire and how I trusted God in spite of that terrible day. I wanted her to see that we don’t always get what we want but God is good. His ways, even when we don’t understand them, are the best. Tears filled her eyes as I told her to hold on to Jesus. She was overcome with emotion that she tried to kiss my feet. I explained to her that we only bend our knees for Jesus the King. Please pray for her to come to deep faith.

Each year since Mike went home I have seen God give me a special gift like today. He takes my eyes off of me and my pain and makes me see with His eyes. No matter what has happened to me and my family, no matter what happens, I trust God. His ways are good. He is a good Father. Hold us in your prayers.

Linda, Heather, David, and Nick