Dearest Friends, 
Please rejoice in what God did this past year. By His grace, we were able to plant new ministry teams in Lebanon, in several places in India, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso. We were also able to re-supply existing teams in India and Northern Ireland. By using friends who were taking trips to places we could not visit, we were able to send equipment to existing teams in many other countries. We crossed eleven states telling children about Jesus and saw God do amazing things in our own country. These trips enabled us to share with over 80,000 children, teenagers and adults. More, we heard thousands and thousands of children calling on Jesus, asking Him to save them. 
Now, it is 2013 and my expectation is that God will do even more than we saw in the past year. This morning my pastor asked all of us a question. He said, "What am I doing in the Kingdom that will utterly fail without God’s power?" As I am preparing to begin this year’s ministry, I will be asking myself this question. I want to attempt the things for God that He wants done, confident that only He can accomplish this work.
Please pray for me as I leave tomorrow, Monday, to go to the Middle East. I will be working with refugee children who have lost everything. Most of the children that I will be sharing with are Muslim, or they are from a church background where they have not been told the truth about God’s rescue plan. My daughter-in-law Teresa told me a sweet story the other day. She said that people had been asking her and the rest of my family if they were concerned about my traveling to what most view as a dangerous part of the world. This was also a question that my husband was often asked. He always gave the same answer, and Teresa quoted him. Mike said, "A Christian is absolutely indestructible until God wills it otherwise." 
In Jesus,