Dearest Friends,
450 Boxes
Today we met with 450 refugee children and many parents at 2 programs. Imagine having Muslim officials organize a Christian program. They arranged for all of the children to come and were happy with the show even though it clearly presented Jesus Christ not as a prophet, but as the Son of God! They were so pleased that they asked our team here to return and do more programs, even though they would not have gifts.  More, many of the parents came to me and thanked me. We were the only Christians in the room,but we had no problems. God our Father blessed us with favor and gave us the sweetest opportunity to explain His great rescue plan.
My pastor friend , Shadi, is fearless for the Gospel. He told me that he did not want to show up and tell part of the story. He wanted the children to hear all about Jesus and His love for them. We told them how Jesus is the Son of God. We do all of this at every show because Shadi loves the cross.With his blessing, we finished the story with a prayer of faith. Children and adults prayed with us! Praise God! My friends are very active in this area and I am confident that the Lord will raise up more believers among the refugees.
I will remember the face of one white haired old man. All of us noticed him and how he seemed to hang on every word of the story. He prayed with us as he held a little boy in his arms. I will also remember the badly burned face of a tall lady with a radiant smile. She kept thanking me for the program. Finally, there was a little boy that smiled so big that we all noticed him. When I think of joy, I will see his smile. 
I finished my day worshipping with my friends at their house church. I could see the most spectacular view of the mountains. The praise time was the best! They sang in Arabic, but the music was also written in a traditional Arabic style. One song said, " I do not go through my life afraid, I do not count my pain, no,no, no. I am living with God as my rock and my fortress. I have Eagle’s wings so that I can fly." It was very lively and fun to sing and me wish that I knew Arabic!
Tomorrow , I am speaking to a Muslim group of women who have suffered so much during the civil war  in their country. Please ask God to make me wise and kind. Ask Him to fill me with His Light.
In Jesus, Linda for a wonderful national team