Dearest Friends,

Today we are driving home, but all of us are remembering the things we saw God do. Our last day of shows in West Virginia was very special. We did two programs at a block party in the center of a parking lot. Adults and children publicly confessed that they asked Jesus Christ to be their Savior. Many people thanked us for coming to West Virginia and telling them about Jesus, and everyone was sad to see us leave. It was humbling to see these people having so many financial needs, but recognizing that their greatest need was Jesus. Please continue to pray for the children and adults in West Virginia who came to faith!

Our friends in Massachusetts are always a blessing! We brought a mission report at the Congregationalist church in Rochester. God made many hearts tender as they listened to the stories of the children that we serve around the world. I am very grateful for their continued support, and would ask that you pray for them. Please ask The Lord to bless them with deep faith as they have been a blessing.

Presently, we are around 8 hours from home. Please pray is safely there.

In Jesus,
Linda for Drake, Leslie, Joe, Jaimie, Billy, and Kelsey