Dearest Friends,


It was raining in Tralee, but then it really began to rain. There was a large crowd of people gathered to listen to the story, who quickly decided the rain was too much for them. I was in the middle of a story, and I said, "Children, I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to keep drawing pictures because the chalk will not work in the rain." The children standing in front of me looked very sad. They obviously thought I wouldn’t finished the story.

I quickly realized how disappointed they were so I said, "Don’t worry children, if it’s only the three of you standing here, I will still tell the story just for you." You should’ve seen how big their smiles were. Your prayers made something wonderful happen. Suddenly, there was a fourth child standing in front of me, and a fifth, and a sixth, and more. With wonder, they listened to a story of how Jesus could rescue them.

This was the only time on Sunday that the rain was a significant problem. At the rest of our shows, there were hundreds and hundreds of people listening to our programs. However, of the eight shows we did, this one was my favorite. I believe God always wants us to see who He puts in front of us, whether it’s three children or three hundred.


This was our tenth year traveling with the Irish band Reality. I want to tell you about this amazing group of people that I love to work with so much. They all have regular jobs, but they use their free time to impact Northern Ireland and Ireland for Jesus. They do shows all the time, not just in August when we’re there. Our trip in August is their vacation time. Most people plan trips to the beach or some exotic destination. They sleep on church floors, on air mattresses that never stay up, and they never complain. They get excited not about being comfortable, but about serving. Their greatest joy is seeing people hear that their lives can change when they meet Jesus. There are some of the few friends I have in the world that are skilled at street ministry and actually choose it over the comfort of a church.

Generally speaking, no one in a church is going to curse you, and try to grab you, and throw a CD in your face that you have just given them. My friends raise all the money for this project from their own resources. Since we have worked with them for ten years, I want to celebrate our time in ministry together. I would like to see the friends of Agape Puppets help them pay for 4000+ CDs that they generously handed out across Ireland. Each CD has their music on it as well as a testimony. It is designed so that someone could receive the CD and come to Jesus with it.

Here is your opportunity. You can listen to their music on . If you wish to help them pay for the expense of the CDs, you can write them at . Even if you are not able to help them to cover the cost of these CDs, please write them an encouraging email. The band director, Steven, has been doing this kind of ministry on the streets for more than thirty years. In spite of all the abuse, he still has the sweetest heart and the nicest smile. Please help them!


We are safely back in the US, I am grateful for your prayers. On our way home, we were given a great blessing. The airline upgraded all three of us to business class. I have never come home from a trip as well rested as I did this time. It was incredible! I am recovering from bronchitis and really appreciating their great kindness. Rejoice with us in this great blessing.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we are traveling to rural Tennessee to share at a wonderful church. Jaimie, who traveled with us this summer and to Ireland, attends this church. Her father is the pastor. Please pray for us to be a blessing.

In Jesus,