Dearest Friends,

The Roma Children

These children are precious to the Father and open to hearing stories about Him. They live in villages and communities set apart from Croatian children. They all go to school together but live very differently. Problems in families are common the world over, but the Roma children have an abundance of difficulties.

It is hard to be a child in Roma villages. At a very early age, they see things that you would not want your children to see. Violence is an every day reality. Sexual abuse is common. Unemployment is almost 100% among the Roma, so too many spend their free time drinking and gambling. Their physical appearance is different from the Croatian children and there is great prejudice against them.

They need your prayers. They are often not seen, so I need you to see them and pray for them. Ask the Father to make them very responsive to God’s rescue plan for them. Behavior is a big concern. Please pray that they will love Jesus with all their hearts.

Prayer Needs

Today, we are working at an orphanage and at a public school for special needs children. We need you to pray that these children to hear with their hearts.

Tomorrow, we will be in the Roma villages. Remember to pray that the children will listen.

Pray for our new Croatian team. We spent all day yesterday training them as it is just Sam and I on this trip. They are doing great, but it is a lot to learn.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Andy, Lim, Sergei, and Zelvka