Dearest Friends,

We have had the sweetest day! I am so happy to share with you the Father’s blessings! Rejoice!

"You Brought Joy"

It was very cold this morning and we were setting up outside, on the side of a mountain, at a poor village school. I could not imagine that the children would be able to listen because of the wind and the cold. We were surrounded by a spectacular view of mountains and olive groves. In the distance, the mountains were crowned with snow. However, I was very troubled by our location despite the view. I was praying for another option, but this was the only place we were offered. It was our first visit to this school and we did not want to ask for things.

All the time that we were working, the principal stood nearby watching. Just as we finished, he offered an assembly hall. He said he thought that we needed the wind for our program. Perhaps he thought we were kites? Anyway, we took everything apart and quickly moved down 2 flights of steps to our new location. There was no heat, but there was no wind either. Somehow….we started on time.

It was an incredible show! The children and most of the teachers loved it! The room was filled with Muslim and Greek Orthodox children. Many called on Jesus to rescue them. The principal was also praying. He said, " You have brought joy to these children. No one sees them." More, he has invited us to come again. The children have hope!

Our second show was at a place where our friends had built many relationships with the teachers over so many years. The fruits of those efforts were visible as we were welcomed into their school. Again, we heard children calling on Jesus.

We finished the day with Lebanese children in an after school program that my friend Shadi and his friends run. A Bible lesson is part of their lessons. Today , I told the story of Abraham and how he trusted God enough to offer his only son as a sacrifice. Then we talked about how this story foretold what God would one day do in offering His only son as a sacrifice. It was a new story for me ,but God was so kind in blessing my weak efforts and giving us a powerful new story. I have been requested to tell it to Syrian refugees on Sunday. Please cover all of our programs with your prayers!

Life Is Hard……..

People are accustomed to death here. Many that we are serving are refugees. Last year, I held a mother in my arms as she cried. The Syrian army had killed her 11 year old son. Everyone has lost someone. Many have lost more. One friend told of how a family received news on their phone of the death of 11 relatives. They were sent a terrible photograph.

Many of the children who are sitting in our shows have seen and suffered so much. They face these terrors truly alone because they do not know Jesus. Thank you for sending me to this place. It is an honor to be able to tell the children that they do not have to hold onto the pain. Jesus can comfort and heal their broken hearts! Pray without ceasing for these precious little ones!

A Personal Note

I have received news that a long time friend of our ministry will no longer be able to help us. They had been very generous, supporting us at $ 3,600 a year. We are so grateful! This is never news a missionary wants to hear, but it is harder when you are standing in the middle of so many real needs and facing less support. Please make this need a matter of prayer.We need someone to help. We appreciate all of you who make it possible for us to stand in the dark and be light to suffering children. I pray that the Father will bless you as you have blessed so many! Thank you for praying and giving!

In Jesus, Linda for Shadi and our puppet team