Dearest Friends,

All of us really loved the show that we did late this evening. Earlier in the day, we had been at a church doing a show for the children. However, all of us prefer to be on the streets. It is the work that we love!
The children at the show this evening were so responsive. They prayed loudly, calling on Jesus to save them. They live in a terrible place, where everything seems to need repairs. There is garbage everywhere. All of us are becoming accustomed to the sight and smell of it. This is a terrible place to be a child. Every day, we see children digging through the garbage trying to find something of value. It is an honor to stand in this very dirty place and talk about Jesus; the children want so desperately to receive. Please continue to pray for these children as we have three more days of shows with them.

The young people on this trip with me are experiencing many firsts. The other day we were on an island where they served us a local delicacy, fish head soup. Kelsey and Drake ate the fish eyeballs and Leslie ate the tail. They are learning to wash their own clothes in a bucket. Leslie battled a bat that flew into her face. Today, we got locked out of the church, and Jennie got locked inside the church. Billy heroically climbed over several roofs and lowered himself onto the church porch so that we could get all the doors unlocked. Honestly, we were not as grateful as we should have been for cold showers until the water ran empty. We cannot wait for them to fill the tank tomorrow so we can have a shower instead of a bucket bath. The PAs lost their charge during the show today, so we used the car’s speakers to play the puppet song. Everyone is still smiling, and life is good. Please continue to pray that we keep a sweet spirit.

In Jesus,
Linda, Jennie, Billy, Leslie, Drake, and Kelsey