We are in the Smokey Mountains and surrounded by the most spectacular scenery. A friend treated us to a trip on the river. I watched light reflecting off of the water onto a tree branch. It seemed that the limb was burning with white fire. It was beautiful. The mountains rose up all around us and reminded us of God’s glorious creation. It was a great way to begin our trip! We laughed and played and enjoyed the sweetest fellowship.
Yesterday and today were beautiful in a very different way. We have been running as hard as we could and so happy. There have been some beautiful views as we drove, but no time to stop and appreciate them. We have been wonderfully busy!
We are doing a completely new show this summer and this is the first week we have used it. Hundreds and hundreds of children have laughed and smiled and many have prayed with us, calling on Jesus to rescue them. This summer’s program includes the story of a cannibal king, a crusader, and a disappearing messenger. Each show requires the young people to unload 40 plus containers and pieces of equipment. Then they get to repack everything and load it back into the trailer….so they can do it again.
We are always praying and asking God to give us strength and make us wise. The children are precious and very responsive. They greet us with smiles and tell us that they remember us. One young man who is now 21 and helping said that he saw us for the first time when he was 7. He still enjoyed the show.
They are kind to us. One little boy thanked me with a paper airplane. I cannot count all the hugs I have been given. Several children have said to us, ”You’re the best!” One little boy said that to me and then smiled the biggest smile. He had just prayed , asking Jesus to rescue him. He told me.
Please hold these children in your prayers. Some of them stare at me with old eyes as I tell the story. They have difficult lives and have seen too much! Others are little children who still enjoy the wonders of childhood. All need Jesus. All need a rescue.

In Jesus,
Linda for Drake, Kelsey, Mary, Billy, and Leslie