Dearest Friends,

This has been the most wonderful 6 weeks! I believe the last 6 weeks have probably also created some questions for you about what we have been doing since I have been strangely quiet. Let me share with you what the Father has done and is doing. I need your prayers!

The Middle East or Bosnia?

As most of you know, I was planning to be in the Middle East for this trip, but I am leaving for Bosnia today. If you are surprised, I want you to know that though this change did not surprise God, it did surprise me. I was just about to buy my ticket a little over 2 weeks ago when a friend in Lebanon cancelled my trip. Presently, in the area where I work, they are big security concerns. They rightly assumed that I would not cancel the trip. I appreciate their wisdom and together we have rescheduled the trip.

Within 2 days of that trip cancelling, friends in Bosnia took the open spot. This was a wonder! Our good friends in Croatia arranged tthis contact and I am really excited to work in a new country! Please pray!

What About All The Aid You Collected For The Refugees In Syria?

Do not worry! I have already sent a large part of that of the money that we were given so that the children can be helped now. Makfoud will be faithful to share Jesus with these children! More, you were so generous with all your gifts of beanie babies, cars, and toothbrushes that I will also be able to help open doors to share with children in Nepal when I visit there in November.

I am very grateful to all of you who have been so generous! However, I was especially blessed that my mother’s Sunday School class, The Crusaders.
gave more beanies than even I could count. These are all older believers who are still focused on impacting this life for Jesus. I love their good example! I have been challenged by all of you who gave so generously! Thank you!

What About The Last Stories From Ireland?

Our last days doing street shows were the best! The shows in Tralee gave us the opportunity to share with hundreds and hundreds of people! I had the sweetest joy as I stood on the street telling people about Jesus with my oldest son, his wife, and 2 of my grandchildren. We were 3 generations of Summers sharing God’s rescue plan. How wonderful! My entire family is a great blessing to my life!

What Have You Been Doing At Home?

I think I will give you this answer as a list of praises!
1. We did puppet shows in 2 states and saw so many childen smile and laugh and enjoy Bible stories. One little girl thanked me after a show. She had come to faith.God is good!
2.I did 2 chapel programs and shared with over 700 teenagers. This was amazing !
3.We worked for 2 and a half weeks solid on creating a massive video teaching library. There is much more to say about this and you will be encouraged when I have time to tell you the whole wonderful story. In the meanwhile, please thank God for Aaron Stewart, a former puppeteer , who flew from France to film this project. Please thank God for 2 of my USA puppet teams who gave so much time and energy to make this project wonderful. Please pray for Aaron as he has so much to do now in editing the project.
4.I also brought mission reports at churches and did a show for my grandson’s class. Daniel swelled with pride as he introduced me and said with the biggest smile, "This is my Grandma!" Okay, it didn’t hurt that I was dressed in a complete pirate costume. He loves pirates. If you want to know what I did, please schedule a show.

Please pray!
In Jesus, Linda