Dearest Friends,


Bosnia has 4 million people and only about 500 believers. This number includes all true believers from different groups. You can see it is a very small number and now you can see how much our family here needs your prayers. In this town, there are more than 40 mosques. Every day, no matter where I am, I hear the call to prayer from the minarets. A large evangelical church is about 50 or 60 people. I was told that there are only 2 large churches in the country this size. The other day I met a pastor whose congregation is only 14 people. This is not unusual.

People are generally apathetic to any discussion about Jesus and that is the problem for the believers here. They say that after the war, people were eager to talk about Jesus, but not now. This apathy infects those who claim Jesus as well. There are 2 Bible schools in the country and this year, they have no students.

Bosnia needs Jesus and you need to pray!


Today we loaded up the equipment and went to Rodoc, a village near Mostar. Sadly, we arrived and discovered that they had cancelled the show. The good news is that they did reschedule it for next week. Our team will go and have an opportunity to share with many children. On the bright side, this gives us an extra week to pray. This is a place that my friend wants to start a club for children. Please pray!


This is the name of our team here and means "Little Stream". They took their name from Ezekiel 47:9. This group of friends has actually been doing puppets since 1996 when some friends from England gave them some puppets. They are still using that equipment. They have faithfully used these puppets to share with so many children at Christmas and Easter. The first day we did 2 shows together, they said they were as tired as if they had done dozens of the shows they were accustomed to doing. I do not think that most people understand how hard my puppeteers work and how much equipment they have to move.

They were absolutely amazed at all that we were able to give them. I came into Bosnia with 7 suitcases of equipment. Their joy was such a blessing. Jelena, our new Director, said she never imagined such a gift. Please pray for our new team. She told me she has a bigger vision now, but she will need more team members who will devote themselves to this work. It is hard to get workers for any ministry here.They are so few Christians and as things get more comfortable, the pleasures of this life call many to other activities. My friends remember a time when all they thought about was how they could serve. That day is not today. Again, you must pray!

In Jesus,Linda

In Jesus, Linda

These friends have been faithful with little and I know they will be faithful to use all that they have received to share with so many children.