Dearest Friends,


Due to a series of unbelievable happenings, we became stranded in Nepal 2 days ago. Presently, we are still in Nepal, but let me tell you what the Father has done!

As I write these words, I stand in awe of God and His care for us. Firstly, last night we were miraculously able to find new flights home. There was some cost in changing the tickets, but someone has already covered that expense. Praise the Lord! Our new tickets put us on Qatar Airlines with a flight at 9pm tonight, Saturday. However, our friends had to drop us off at the airport 11.5 hours early. The prospect of waiting that long in an airport that is ranked 3rd worst in the world really concerned me. There are few seats and I admit to having health concerns. We were all praying!

Tragedy almost struck when my bags got tagged and sent out to Dubai on a flight that was not ours! Thankfully, Anna caught the mistake before it was too late and my bags were saved and tagged for our flights. As we went to check in, we asked the Lord to send us someone who would show us favor. The man who appeared to be in charge of Qatar here personally took charge of us. He arranged for us to get a flight this afternoon. Awesome! Even more amazing, he gave me the extra baggage that I enjoy on Lufthansa even though they are not a partner airline. More, he personally escorted us through passport control taking us through the diplomatic line. I saw people staring at us as we walked past long lines. I know they wondered who we are to deserve such treatment. By God’s grace, we are daughters of the Living God!

Finally, he took us to a lounge and told them to give us the best seats. I am sitting in a big recliner eating fresh fruit. All of this is so much more than Anna and I could ask or imagine. God’s kindness made us cry for joy.

Please continue to pray for us as we travel to the United Arab Emirates and then on to Philadelphia. From there, Anna flies to Baltimore and I go to Atlanta. Pray especially for this kind man. Ask the Father to call him to Jesus. Your prayers are the greatest kindness we can offer him.

In Jesus,

Linda and Anna