Dearest Friends,

Such Wonders

I am in a place of wonders! Everyday, I wake up amazed that I am in this place! Every night , I go to bed delighted at all that I have seen the Lord do! Today, I walked through a bazaar and was so fascinated by everything that I saw. The spices were piled high in beautiful baskets and the smells were incredible. there were so many beautiful things in this place that showed such creativity. These sights are the stuff of dreams for some, but I have better stories to share with you!

In addition to sharing with people from this country, I have had the delight of sharing with children and adults from Azerbaijan, Iran, Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan. I shared at a Sunday School, a Tea House, and a women’s group in the last 2 days. I have seen many Muslim adults transfixed by a children’s Bible story. I have watched refugees remember laughter and smile when they heard about Jesus love for them. So many are open to hearing the Gospel.

This is a hard place to work. It breaks your heart. The stories of the refugees’ suffering are never ending. The worst things have happened to all of them. Even the children have witnessed atrocities. I am so grateful to be in this place and have the opportunity to speak about the hope that only Jesus gives. Please hold this work in your prayers. I would love to hear from any of you as no one has written. My friends here need to hear that you are praying for them…that they are not forgotten. I am honored to work them!

In Jesus, Linda