Dearest Friends,


We spent the last two days watching an ocean of children smile. You may think that this is not very interesting or even worth writing about. However, these are children that rarely smile. They live in very difficult places, suffering many kinds of abuse.

They live in places that are desperately poor. Most people think that where they live is too dangerous to even come and visit. People avoid these children because of their fear. They never see them. I want you to see them. They have big beautiful eyes and they always line up to hug me after a show. They want someone to love them. Will you see them? Will you pray for them?

Every time I’m with children in places like this, I rediscover God’s great love for each one of us. On both days, I heard children calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. At one program, a single little boy prayed out loud. Only Jesus can rescue these children! Only He can heal their hearts! Please pray!


One of the pastors that serves in one of these very poor areas came and talked to me after the show. He was very grateful that we had come. He asked me a question. “Doesn’t it cost a lot for you to come and do this?”

I answered, “What is the life of a child worth? What price can we put on them hearing about Jesus?” I told him that it was my strong belief that if I lived in a place like this, I would want someone to come and tell me about hope. I would want them to risk anything, pay any price, so that I could know love.

To reach these children that we’ve shared with today, the transport alone was $250. We are traveling to distant small towns where most people do not go. We have several more of these trips planned and would be blessed by your help. Most of all, we need you to pray for these shows. Today we did a program in an open area near a park. Many adults, teenagers, and children came. So many of them were not from churches. As cars raced past us, they sat in the grass and listened to the story of Joseph. I always tell the children the following statement: when you are forgiven, you can forgive anyone absolutely anything. Please pray for all the people who came to the show to discover God’s forgiveness.


Our friends wanted to thank us for coming to do shows in their area. They offered to feed us lunch. When we sat down to eat, the long table was filled with plates of vegetables, potato salad, and delicious bread. In addition to that, each person was brought heaping plate of rice and chicken. Everything we ate was absolutely wonderful, especially the potato salad! We felt like kings and queens treated to a banquet. They went to so much trouble to take care of us. Their kindness humbled each of us. This was a great sacrifice for them that we greatly appreciated.

In Jesus,