Dearest Friends,


Today we did two shows in a place no one wants to go. It is a terrible place for children and no one wants to visit there. People live in Santiago their entire lives and never see the place we were today. There are no lights in these neighborhoods at night, so the drug dealers own these streets. There are no words for how these children suffer. They witness things no child should ever see.

Wonderfully, we heard children calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. One show was in a school and one was a street show. Funny things always happen at street shows. I hit the cymbals together and five dogs came running over. Teenagers sat with their backs to me, but they stayed for the entire show and heard everything. One little boy listened as though there was nothing around that could possibly distract him. Please pray for these children and their parents.


Francisco is a member of our new puppet team. He is a quiet young man, but very serious about this challenge we have given him. Tonight, after practice, he came to me to say thank you. He thanked me for this great gift we had given their team. It was a very beautiful and emotional thank you that I will hold in my heart. Like all of our students, he has been very diligent in trying to learn all about puppet ministry.

On Sunday night and tonight, we saw God do something wonderful. He is beginning to knit their hearts together into a team. Please pray for them as they are trying to choose a name, gather together a prayer team, arrange finances for transportation, and begin to think about who will do what in the ministry. They are all very eager, most are in various universities and are very busy, but somehow they still find time for training. Pray that God will bless them and their new work here in Chile.

In Jesus,