Dearest Friends,


Each day this week has been a sweet gift from the Father. Most days, we did three shows, but one day we did five. As my friend is writing these words, we are on our way to do three programs for children in difficult places. I have this incredible anticipation for what God will do today! Early this morning, I spent time praying with my oldest son. As we prayed, I felt God filling me with His joy and His deep peace. Please pray for this beautiful day God is giving us.

Please rejoice for what God did last night. Though we did three shows yesterday, it was the last one that captured our hearts. We were at a soup kitchen in a very broken area in Baltimore. I described this place as more broken than any place we had been in Baltimore to my son. My son asked me what it was that set that particular place apart from all the others. Simply, it was the absence of all hope. This place was so dark. Kelsey talked with one girl before the show. The girl asked Kelsey if she was pretty, and Kelsey said, “You are beautiful!” The girl said, “No, I look like a pile of poo.” Her words expressed the feelings of most of the children. They do not see themselves as treasures! None of the people in that room could hide their pain.

Our job was to do a program while they were feeding about a hundred people dinner. You cannot imagine the noise and the language. Still, God gave us the grace to persevere and some were listening. I was literally telling a story with a large pot of spaghetti in front of me. Beside it, there was an equally large pot of green beans. As I looked at the food, I thought that I would’ve added more sauce. I thought how I would not normally serve green beans with this meal. Then I looked at their faces and I stopped thinking about my point of view. As people came to the table and saw the spaghetti, they all talked about what a wonderful meal they were being served. I needed to see dinner with their eyes. I believe it was at that moment that I quit thinking about the noise and just focused on their eyes.

Toward the end of the program, most of the adults had left and the ambulance had come to carry one gentleman to the hospital. We were left with about twenty children and a few adults who desperately wanted to hear how Jesus loved them. As I led them in prayer, most of the children prayed with me. They prayed loudly and enthusiastically, asking Jesus to rescue them. We gave all of them Jesus Storybook Bibles and they were so happy. One little girl said, “This is mine? I can take it home with me?!” Her joy was our joy!

Only just now, I found out that Heather had been talking to the children before the show. They were telling her that most of them did not have Bibles. She forgot to tell me, but God reminded me of their need. Please pray for these children.

In Jesus,
Linda, Kelsey, Garrett, Drake, Heather, and Leslie