Dearest Friends,

As I write you these words, we are sitting in an airport in Germany, waiting hours for our next flight to India. From India, we will travel to Nepal, after another long wait. People are very impatient in airports. It is always an opportunity to be kind and patient and surprise people.

One of the gate agents in Atlanta remembered me from a previous trip, as well as some of the stories I told her. She asked me to share certain stories with her friend who was standing there with us. When I finished, the lady’s friend said,”I want what you have. You’re not afraid. You have peace.” I wa reminded that this trip is not just about the destination, but it is also about the journey. Please pray for the people that we meet along the way. Ask God to make us full of light and hope!

September 21 st of this year marked ten years that my husband Mike has been home with Jesus. I miss him everyday, but I confess to you that I found this year to be very difficult. I knew that I did not wish to be alone that day and so I asked many friends to come for dinner. Everyone brought dishes to share. The house exploded with people and they spilled into the yard. One of my friends said, “When you don’t want to be alone, you’re really not alone.” It was a beautiful time remembering and rejoicing. I was challenge afresh to be so grateful for my precious family and my wonderful friends. I am blessed!

God has been very good to us and especially to me over the past ten years. I now work in places that were once places that I only saw in my dreams. My husband loved me well and his love made me strong. I have wanted very much to be faithful to finish the mission that God gave Mike and I and many friends. That passion has driven all of us to follow Jesus, with strength beyond our ability. In the last tens years we have presented God’s rescue plan to a million children, tenagers, and adults on five continents. All honor and glory for this incredible reality belongs to God the Father who opened the doors and called so many to Himself. I also see this as my husband’s legacy because he motivates me and so many others to run with passion after the cross.

Please continue to pray for me and all the widows you know. For many of us, time does not dimish the longing. I eagerly look forward to Heaven. However, now I have work to do and that work is in Nepal. Please stay on your knees!

In Jesus,
Linda and Heather