Dearest Friends,


Today, Saturday, is worship day in Nepal. We did a puppet show at a remote village very early this morning. So many children walked into the light as they trusted Jesus. Later, we both shared at the church where we did the program. We were amazed at the humility and the kindness of the pastor and his wife. Their spirit of self sacrifice and their humility was a real challenge to Heather and I. We found out that the pastor’s salary is $120 a month. That is his complete income and it is not enough. We were told that he never complains. We meet the most amazing people in Nepal. I hope when we go home we will remember the lessons they have taught us!


It is festival season here in Nepal. Originally, we had changed our dates for this trip so we would not be here at this time. However, the festival organizers changed their dates again after I had already bought the tickets. So, we are here when we wished not to be here. The schools have closed, but that has not proven to be a problem. We have been able to go into villages and do shows out in the open, beside the churches. In an odd way this has given us more freedom. Because we are on church property, we can pray with the children and give out Christian literature. This has been a great blessing. We have heard hundreds and hundreds of children calling on Jesus and even some adults, all praying to receive Christ.

Because it is festival season we are seeing many things that break our hearts. Every temple has big crowds gathered in front of it. We have seen many people bowing down before statues, calling on darkness when they are seeking light. Every time we see these sights, we are reminded of the living God and of the hope that only He can give. These sights strengthen our resolve to be faithful to tell everyone we can about Jesus here in Nepal.

Please stand with us in prayer. We have one more day of ministry with the children and the ladies at a conference. We want to finish well. We ache to see God do more big things in the lives of the children and their families. Both of us are quite tired now and feeling the effects of the heat. We need not to think about our tiredness and how we feel. We need to think about the children and their great need for Jesus. Please pray for us!

In Jesus,
Linda, Heather, Tik, and company.