Dearest Friends,

Not My Plan

Yesterday, we did a beautiful show at a village school. The day before , we were with Syrian refugee children at the center doing a show. In both of these places, children laughed and smiled and listened so well to the story of Jesus. Today,Thursday, I should of been in another village, but security concerns kept us from going. Yesterday, we had a military presence at our show keeping us safe.

We had so many invitations that we could not accept. This is a very difficult time here. There are many problems with safety, real concerns that have to be addressed as we plan programs. With all of the security problems, this is not the trip I planned. In the past, I have visited countless villages, dozens of schools, and shared with thousands, but not this time.

However, I am absolutely convinced that this is the trip the Father planned! I know despite the circumstances, He alone is in charge. He alone orders my steps and I trust Him! We have been with the children by His grace. We have spent hours and hours encouraging our friends here that we partner with in this work. I was able to bring so many supplies so that we could make gift bags for the children. This was a blessed trip!

The beauty of working as a team is that they can finish my trip for me after I am home. When things calm down here, they can go where I was not allowed. God’s plan is always wonderful. Please rejoice! Please pray for the children! Please trust God with all of the details in your life even as He is challenging me to trust Him in the same way. Please pray for our team here!

In Jesus, Linda and Ian