Dearest Friends,

A Wonderful Surprise

It is Thursday morning here in Kathmandu and the internet is working! This is a wonderful surprise! We had a very long drive yesterday, much longer than it should have been because of road work and broken trucks that stopped in the middle of the road. There was really no place else for them to go because on one side is the mountain and on the other side it is s steep drop to the river below.

Most of the trip, we could see the air because it was so full of dust. This has been true for most of the trip. There were places we passed yesterday where the dust was so heavy that it laid on the leaves like fresh fallen snow. You see everything through a dusty filter. The ladies wear the most beautiful clothes. You see very intense colors combined in amazing ways and sometimes covered in things that sparkle. Their beauty is always muted by the dust. It is hard to see the distant mountains.

I may not be able to see clearly all the beauty of this country, but I can see clearly the blessing that God has given us. We were able to share with thousands of Hindu and Buddhist children. Many Moslem children attended one show. A sea of villagers came to our shows. One Hindu villager was so overcome by all she heard that she wanted us to come to her village and tell them what she had heard. Our team here will cover many requests that we could not answer. Everywhere, we worked with local pastors and they are already making plans for next year!

I had planned to be in India this month, but that door closed and this one opened. Clearly, this is where the Father wanted us to be! We leave Nepal today with a very encouraged Nepali puppet team that is ready to work. More, because of your generosity, the trip expenses to deliver the coats are covered. You were so generous that we have funds for 4 or 5 less expensive trips that will enable thousands and thousands of children to hear Hope! These funds will be used to rent a truck and carry the equipment . They were overwhelmed with joy!

I can clearly see the faces of so many children who discovered the kindness and love of the great teacher, Jesus Christ. No amount of dust or exhaustion can cloud that picture! God is so good to us!

In Jesus, Linda