Dearest Friends,

Are You Hiring?

Yesterday, we were doing a show in a park in Philadelphia. I have been working in these inner city areas for a long time so I often see some children that I have seen before. At the show, I saw a little 10 or 11 year old little boy that I first met several years ago. When I asked him how school went this year, he was quick to tell me it had been a hard year. I asked him if he was in any fights. He told me that this year had been different. When I asked him how he kept from fighting, he said, "God in my heart." Then, being a little boy , he showed me his muscles in his arms which he said also helped. I smiled!

He really liked the show! Then , he asked Drake if we were hiring. Drake explained that they were all volunteers and did not get paid. He said he would work for free. By God’s grace, the story of God’s rescue plan presented at these shows change the children we see.. Today, we heard so many children praying. My heart is full! My body is tired, but God always gives me strength! Better, He sends sweet little boys to remind me that it is worth whatever effort we make to obey the Father! Please pray for us in Philadelphia.

Helping Up Mission

Who would imagine taking a puppet show to a couple of hundred men, homeless, drug and alcohol addicted, many with prison records ? We have been doing this show for years and years. They always love it, but I remain amazed at the Father. They start to smile as soon as they see the puppets. Their faces soften and I see the men God made them to be. We saw God touch their hearts. He always surprises me. The men gave us a standing ovation. It was a wonderful evening!

In Jesus, Linda for all of us