Dearest Friends,

A Great Beginning

God did something beautiful tonight! We did shows in front of the Central Bank in Dublin. We had great crowds that were open and receptive to the story of Jesus. There was some opposition, but not what we usually have in Dublin. People were curious and hungry to hear. This was not a typical Dublin experience for us. Ten people walked up to me at various times while the band was singing and asked for a CD of the band’s music. I enjoyed good conversations with them about who Jesus is and what He came to say. I was amazed at the Father’s blessing!

I often tell a great story about a man named Devereau Spratt who choose to remain a slave to the pirates who captured him so he could tell them about Jesus. Who would make such a heroic choice? While I was telling this story, I pointed to a distant spot on the street and said," Look! There is the boat they were hunting for. It is right there!" A man was so caught up in the story, he turned and looked for the boat. Awesome!

Mostly, we get people at our shows that do not know God. Many do not go to church , or they attend some place where truth is not presented. So many stop and talk to us, drawn by the Father to hear love. It is a special joy to stand on the street in Dublin and tell stories about God’s great rescue plan.

Please pray for us as we will be back out there tomorrow. Please ask the Father to give us good weather and big crowds of people who want to hear about Jesus. Thank you for praying!

In Jesus, Linda for Heather, Leslie, Hannah, Olivia and Stephanie