Dearest Friends,

I hope you had a wonderfully Merry Christmas! I had the most wonderful Christmas (as always). Some of the things that the children said to us as we were doing Christmas shows were both funny and sweet. At one of our school shows, a little boy came to me and said, "You’re beautiful". I was not feeling especially pretty that day and so I truly enjoyed his comment. Then he smiled and asked for the balloon animal that I made earlier in the program. I started to laugh and he smiled and said, "My mom calls me Casanova." He really made me laugh, which is actually better than someone calling you beautiful.

A little girl, about the same age, came and thanked me for the puppet show. She was very slow to raise her eyes and look at me. When she finally managed to thank me, she held out her hand and offered me a gift. It was a card that came from a local fast food place for a free order of french fries. This was a big treat for her, but she wanted me to have it. I was very touched by her thankful heart.

Over Christmas, so many children thanked us for the puppet shows and the stories they heard. To me, this was the best part of Christmas. I loved watching their faces as they discovered hope and love. I pray that God bless you in this new year and give you the joy that I saw on the children’s faces.

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Leslie, and Kelsey