Dearest Friends,

Lots of Flies

Our last show of the day was at a very large school. We shared with over 800 children in the sun with a lot of flies. We set up next to the bathroom which was located outside. The smell was amazing but they came and treated it with mothballs. That was strange.

The children loved the program and were very responsive. However, the teachers did not seem so happy. When children sit in hot sun and do not care, you know the Father is doing something wonderful! Most of these children were Hindu, but today they heard how they could follow the Son of the living God! Praise God!

Two Shows and A Good Student

I never cease to be amazed that Hindu schools allow us to come. We are always honest with them about our program . Two other schools welcomed us today and hundreds more Hindu children heard about God’s rescue plan . We are all so happy!

Tika Ram Baral is my puppet director here in Nepal. I first met him in India at a Bible college. He says I taught him to love children, but that was his open heart to hear the Father. God wants all of us to see the children and love them in His name. Tik is a very good student and now he is my teacher in many things. I never could have imagined all those years ago how one student could bless my life.

In Jesus, Linda for Jolly, Tik, and the Nepal Team