Dearest Friends,

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Actually , I should change that rhyme to read "Rhinos and Tigers and Elephants". We are in Nepal. Today, we passed through a jungle where tigers do live on our way to church. We visited an animal sanctuary , but only saw a baby rhino. Still, there is hope for today!

Worship was amazing ! We met ladies who had fasted for 40 days to pray for the life and outreach of the church, as well as the members. The pastor called them pillars in their church. A group of young people joined them for a shorter fast and all of them saved the money they would have spent on food and met the needs of 2 widows in the church. So sweet!

This church is special to the Nepali team because they were the first place to ask them to do a show. The team had no transportation so they used 4 motorcycles to transport their equipment, I am trying to imagine a puppet stage on a motorcycle, but from what I see people moving on motorcycles here, it probably would not have looked odd.

I brought a mission report while standing beside a Christmas tree. I loved it! There was such a sweet spirit here and I beg you to keep praying for their "light" to be bright!

In Jesus, Linda for the team