Dearest Friends,


Yesterday, we did two puppet shows at village schools. Though we love both programs, the second show was incredible. The children loved every single thing we did. They giggled and laughed. They clapped for everything they saw. The picture at the top of our email is from that place.

Even though we were not allowed to pray with the children, we were able to tell the children how Jesus could rescue them. I believe this is the desire of many children that listened yesterday by the way they responded to the stories of Jesus. Please pray that they will put their trust in Him! The good news is that there is a local church almost next door to the school. The pastor is a kind and compassionate man who the teachers seem to have a good rapport with. He was allowed to invite the kids to Sunday School. Please pray that they will go and learn more about Jesus.


Yesterday, we also received wonderful news! For 20 years, Natasha led the puppet team. She saw a different generation of young people serve the Lord using the things that we had given them. She has decided that she wants to again be part of this work. She has a real heart for children. Her husband told me yesterday, “This is important work. “ Both of them understand that telling children about Jesus is the hope of their country. In truth, it is the hope of all of our countries. Please pray for her and the new team as we begin training today with their new equipment.


Many of you will remember hearing about how Russia took part of Ukraine and no one stood up for Ukraine. Russia was allowed to do this terrible thing without consequences. What many of you might be unaware of is that the war is ongoing. Our news start covering stopped covering this conflict long ago.

At every school that we visited we saw pictures of a young man who was serving or memorials to those that died. One school was even having a concert for a soldier who had just died. They are fighting to try and regain the territory that was lost, but mostly to keep Russia from coming forward. Ukrainians believe that Russia wants to take all of Ukraine. Please put this war on your prayer list. Young people are dying every day. Ukraine needs your prayers.

In Jesus,

Linda and Kelsey