Dearest Friends,

The Race to Finish

The time is flying! So quickly, we are at the end of our days in Ukraine. The last 2 days have been so very sweet! We finished training our new team, had a women’s conference, and did 5 puppet shows for different village schools. It has been so sweet!

It has been a long time since the schools allowed Christians into the schools around here. One Director was difficult, but most were so happy we came. One Director told us that we had set their hearts on fire. Someone else said that my eyes had swords in them. I was told that was good. Another Director served us tea and sweets because she loved the program so much! Most were willing to have the team back for a Christmas show or a sports camp or an English camp. In the beginning, we were told to expect closed doors, but the Father surprised us! I can still hear the children’s laughter and see their smiles! Pastor Tim wisely thought to bring boxes of candy to every school. That also helped the Gospel leave “a sweet taste”.

Different Things

We have driven on so many cobblestone roads that were paved over a hundred years ago. Some villages still do not have electricity. In the villages, you often see more people riding in wagons or walking than people driving cars. Every day, we have soup at the start of lunch and dinner. My favorite is actually pickle soup! We usually have tomatoes and cucumbers as part of breakfast. A church served us a snack after a show we did. We had sardine sandwiches. I loved them.


Kelsey flies home tomorrow, Friday. I am going on to Northern Ireland and then England. Please pray fo our travels and please continue to pray for the children.

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey