Dearest Friends,

The Flood

Three weeks ago, there was a terrible flood here in the north of Lebanon. It was very unexpected and the water levels were unbelievable. The waters swept away the mines along the Syrian border and they are now lodged between homes in Lebanon. There are so many who are in desperate need.

Much was lost. The greatest tragedy was the drowning deaths of several children! Our friends here told me that Bible Donkey 2 drowned as well. Some of you will remember that he was delivering Bibles for us into Syria. His predecessor was actually shot and killed. Voice of the Martyrs even recognized his service. Seven hundred and fifty Bibles that were needed for the work in Syria were also lost!

We need your help. Please help us put the word of God in the hands of Syrians who are hungry to know about Jesus Christ.

You can give by donating on our website: or you can give by mailing a check to the puppet address which is: 6550 West Armuchee Road, Summerville, GA 30747. Whichever way you choose, please send me an email of the amount that you are giving. I have some funds with me and can hand off money to buy the Bibles immediately if I know what you donated.

Tomorrow we have a puppet show for Muslim children and we need you to pray!

In Jesus,

Linda and Kelsey