Dearest Friends,

The Children

Every time that we did a show for the refugee children at the center our friends operate, I was struck by their smiles. They have suffered so much because of the Syrian war, but they can still smile! I believe that their smiles are a direct result of all the love Mahfoud and others have poured into their lives.

Many of these children have witnessed horrors. All have lost family and friends precious to them. Their homes are gone. Their parents lives are in tatters. They are hurting and broken. Imagine how they feel when they hear about God the Father who will meet them in their pain and give them real hope. Think about their joy when they discover Jesus who can heal their broken hearts. It was such an unbelievable gift to go to Lebanon and tell these precious children about Jesus Christ the Son of God. I am eternally grateful that you sent us! Thank you! Please continue to hold these children before the throne.

More Bibles

You generously gave thousands of dollars to buy Bibles for Syria. What a wonderful way to touch lives that are still being broken by war.

On Wednesday, February 27th, we will start our journey to Nepal. We need 1000 dollars to buy 200 Bibles that we will give away at 2 women’s conferences that I am teaching. The ladies attending are very poor and a 5 dollar Bible is beyond their means. You can give them the most precious gift… God’s word!

We also want to buy 100 children’s storybook Bibles at a cost of 500 dollars. If you can help with these Bible projects , please email me. Last month, we were working to tell Muslim children about Jesus. This month, we are planning on working with Hindu people. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey