Dearest Friends,

The Streets of Philly

I love watching the children as they watch the puppets! On the front row, one little girl is so afraid of the puppets that she is covering her face in fear. Next to her is a little girl that is not afraid, but not happy. She made the funniest faces during the entire show. Another little boy is smiling and sitting still. That was amazing since I pulled him and another little boy apart twice before the show. They were angry about something and trying to hit each other. Some are just smiling and happy to be sitting in the shade. It was incredibly hot!

Honestly, I did not tell the best story I ever told, but God kindly poured His spirit on my words and made them. So many children prayed with loud, strong voices. It was beautiful! It was a joy to watch the Father touch the hearts of the children. We are so blessed!

An older lady from the community heard us and joined the show. One little girl asked if she could give Drake a hug after the show. Several children asked me if we could do it all again. It was a dirty little park not much bigger than the playground equipment that sat in the center of it, but for a short time yesterday, it sparkled!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Leslie, and Drake