Dearest Friends,

Uber Street

When we are in Philadelphia, we work with an incredible group of Korean christians. These pastors and their families chose to live in the inner city and impact those communities around them for Jesus. The show we did on Uber Street was a result of that commitment.

Every year, they block off the street and have a summer camp. It’s awesome! Our pastor friend lives on that street and is an ongoing sweet witness to those children! We had an awesome show and so much fun.

Even though this street is no different than other streets in Philadelphia, it felt different. We set up in front of a boarded up row house. There was the usual decay visible on many properties and the children were surrounded by all the same problems that come with brokenness, but Uber Street is different! We felt the light in that place. More, I know the children felt the difference. So many Korean young people were there pouring love on them.

As we were setting up, I overheard 2 little girls talking. One said, “ Look, they have real puppets!” I laughed so hard! Later, my joy was boundless as I heard children calling on Jesus. It was a beautiful show that blessed everyone of us.

Uber Street was our next to last show in Philadelphia. Our very last show was in a park with so many children and adults and some children there also trusted in Jesus. However, you could feel the difference. Many of the adults were not happy with what we said and made no effort to conceal their displeasure . It felt so dark, but that is what the Father has called us to…. we are light in the darkness! Uber Street was the kind of show that encourages us when the battle is fierce and there is more darkness than light. We love Philadelphia!

We have dear friends from Philly coming to the 30 th anniversary celebration on August 31st . You can meet Pastor Andy and Mario and tell them that you are praying for them. For so many years, they have scheduled our shows and thrown open incredible doors for us. You want to meet these men and thank them for loving Jesus with such passion!

A Personal Note

Yesterday, Mike and I would have celebrated our
46 th wedding anniversary . Mike’s great love for me is still a blessing. Being loved well, gives you strength. Even after almost 14 years, I always find it a hard day where God’s comfort is keenly felt. I still miss Mike so much, but I know this loneliness will pass away one day. I will see Jesus. I will stand in the the light, surrounded by my Father’s love. I walk in this reality every day and His love is the reason that I can push aside the ache of my heart, and tell children about God’s wonderful rescue plan for them! I have hope!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie