Dearest Friends,

Light in the Darkness

The lights stretch across the downtown streets of Tralee. This is what we saw last night as we were doing street shows.
The city sparkled! All of this is done to celebrate The Rose of Tralee Festival. We are the only Christian groups on the program. For 16 years, God has opened a beautiful door for us!

Last night was amazing! You could feel the energy on the street as people gathered and listened to God’s rescue plan for them. I very clearly said as part of one story, “There is no hope without Jesus!” I fully expected the crowd to walk away, but they did not move. It was a wonder!

For years, a sweet young man with Down’s syndrome has come and watched us. He was there last night. Many old friends joined us. I was telling the story of the prodigal son and was so touched to see the crowd’s response. The children and their parents listened so intently. I could feel His Holy Spirit moving through us. I knew that the Father was causing them to listen. It was the same with the band and the young people’s testimonies. God made us light in the darkness. All of us felt very blessed!

Please pray for us today as we are back out on the street.

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Drake,Jolly,God’s Handiwork, and Reality