Dearest Friends,

God Gave Us Big Crowds

The Father was especially kind to us as we finished our last day at the Rose of Tralee Festival ! He gave us big crowds and held back the rain. In front of all the adults you see listening to a Bible story, the road is full of children sitting on the pavement.

I was amazed that they came, that they stayed and listened! I told the crowds very clearly how Jesus could rescue them. Every time I turned around from drawing, I expected to see that they had left, but the crowd had grown. God forgave my lack of faith and blessed us anyway.

It was a beautiful day, made more wonderful as people happily asked for Bibles and received all kinds of literature that told them more about Jesus. It was the best time ever in Tralee!!!

Safe Home

Please pray that we arrive “safe home” as our Irish friends say , tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon .

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Drake, Jolly, God’s Handiwork, and Reality