Dearest Friends,

Buon Natalie!

In Italian, this is how you say Merry Christmas! The picture above is of the wonderful shepherds that our lead directors, Fabiano and Gerson Simioni, made to use in their Christmas shows. Aren’t they awesome!

Everyone told both of them and the Verona team that they would never be allowed to share in the town squares. However, God loves to do the impossible. The teams did shows in 3 different town squares. The newspaper in Verona even invited the entire town to attend! They also did shows in pediatric hospitals and nursing homes. Incredibly, they even did a show at a school!

The response was very positive! One older man was yelling “ Bravo! Bravo! “ He told Gerson with tears streaming down his face that their show was precious and should be on TV. Incredible! Everyone responded positively! They have already been invited back to do Easter shows!

The team from Verona had originally thought that they would start doing shows in 2020 and hoped to do 10 programs. God stretched their vision! They began to get Christmas invitations and did 11 shows in 2 weeks. Now they are making big plans for 2020.

Please pray for both of these teams as they seek new opportunities to tell the children about Jesus!!!

In Jesus, Linda