Dearest Friends,

A Wonderful Story

I am so thrilled to tell you about something I did today. I went to a school and taught an English class! Ok, I will admit that the idea of me, someone from the southern part of the United States, teaching English … is a pretty funny idea! Mercifully, the children loved it!

I included a Bible story and some of my personal testimony. I also told the children, “God sees you. He knows your names. You are a treasure to God!” I explained why Jesus came and so much more. Incredible!

It was such a sweet time. I would love to have shown you the smiling faces of the children, but school rules do not permit such photos. So you will have to settle for my smile in the school’s front hall.

Still, it was a very sweet time and a wonderful opportunity to plant simple truths about Jesus in their hearts. Please pray for these children to remember what they heard and hold onto Jesus!

In Jesus, Linda