4th Quarter 1999 Quarterly Report

  • How has the Lord blessed our relationship with one another? Special needs or concerns. Has your spiritual growth, personal Bible study and devotions been positive? Are there any health needs?

This has been an incredible time of change and blessing for us. We are changing puppet teams, have just finished 3 andl/2 weeks in Ukraine, and involved in our annual Christmas outreach. Linda returned from Ukraine with bronchitis ( This is the 4th time that she has had it this year). All of these things need serious prayer.

Still, through all of this, we are growing closer together and seeing God’s word a faithful comfort.

  • How has the Lord blessed your ministry? What have been your areas of frustration? What specific blessings would you like to share with us?

By Gods grace, we planted, trained, and equipped 5 new puppet teams in Ukraine and checked on previous works. More, we shared with over 5,000 people and saw hundreds confess Christ as Savior. In the USA, we spoke in schools and churches and saw many here at home trust Jesus.

  • What are your prayer requests? What are some items of praise? What are some of your special needs, family or ministry? What are some problems that need to be brought to our heavenly Father?

We praise God for a new puppet team and for the ongoing work in Ukraine. Within weeks after Linda arrived home, we heard reports of the work that they were already doing. We especially praise God for Josh and Teresa’s plans to marry in the spring. He proposed in October. Both Josh and Matt will graduate in May as engineers. We have received an invitation to work in South Africa in February. We are so blessed.

  • What are some of your goals and hopes for the coming months? How are your financial needs being met? What trips are you planning?

We need to train our new puppet team and work with them not just in the areas of their skills, but helping them become a team.

We need to help Josh, Matt, and Teresa as they sort out so many details with graduation, jobs, moving, and marriage plans.

We are praying for the work in South Africa.

As always, we need support.