Great News!! Linda and Will have arrived in South Africa fairly well rested and all of the equipment arrived intact and in working order.

They completed their first training session tonight and they are very excited. One quick story to so how God controls all the details of His work.

About a year ago, God placed a desire on the heart of a man in Capetown to begin to reach out to the children in the area. He was impressed that the best way would be to use puppets. He had never used puppets before, he knew no one who had used puppets and he had no money to buy the equipment to get started.

During this past year, his desire to reach out to children in this way continued to grow. He researched the internet for ideas, read books on puppets and working with children, tried to find the equipment or the money to buy it and all this time he had really told no one about his desire.

This week, in desperation, he went to his pastor with a prayer request. He shared how God had directed him to begin sharing with children with puppets, but he just couldn’t find a way to do it. He talked to the pastor about possible help from the church. The pastor smiled and handed him a church bulletin announcing the training session tonight with Linda and Will. When Linda announced that she was leaving all the equipment, the man couldn’t believe it.

God answers our prayers always, sometimes with YES, sometimes with NO and sometimes with WAIT, but he always answers.

Thank all of you who have helped with your prayers and your finances in being a part of God’s answered prayer for this man. As some of your know, the trip was almost canceled due to lack of funds for the tickets and then money for the tickets was raised in one day.

!!Prayer Request!!!!

Linda’s cold has become a chest cold. She has medicine with her. Pray that she doesn’t lose her voice and that she doesn’t get too tired….

Praise the Lord!!

Yours in Christ,

Mike Summer for Linda and Will