How I am different because I went to South Africa

A letter from a puppeteer who went to South Africa. 

The first and most obvious way that going to South Africa changed me is in the aspect of my faith. I was able to see thousands of kid’s come to Christ even when they had nothing. Their homes were made of cardboard boxes and they had no money, no running water, barely any food. Their homes had dirt floors, and this is where they sleep. Yet they were so receptive to the Gospel, it amazed me.

We met a pastor named David. He was the pastor of a church at one of the squatter camps in Lawandle and he was the man God used to challenge me in the area of my faith. David’s wife lives 1000 away, and instead of him asking God to allow a pastor to come and fill his place so he can be with his wife, he asks God for her to be able to get a job and move to him so he can continue to pastor the church. I can’t imagine the pain David goes through because when Linda and Mike are apart for more than two days they nearly pass out when they see each other!

The second largest effect going to South Africa had on me is God showing me how much I have been blessed. I know Christ as my Lord and savior. I have a family that loves me. I have Godly friends and a great church. The only way I get through what I have seen is by putting my eyes on God and trusting in Him to do what is right. – A puppeteer from a recent trip to South Africa.