Dearest Friends,


“That program was very good, but please, could you not use the name of Jesus or maybe, could you just say that He was a great teacher?” This was the request we received after our first program here in Ping Dong and it was from a Christian lady She was very concerned about the reaction of Buddhist teachers and principals. I lovingly refused her request but did agree to stress to the students at the beginning of the program the wonderful opportunity they had to hear English. These statements did not compromise the presentation of the Gospel, but they did seem to make others feel better.

Please ask the Lord to make us wise and sensitive. Please ask God to help our Taiwanese brothers and sisters bold so they can share their faith. Someone told me the other day that if national believers would simply share Jesus, as they should, they would have little need for many missionaries. Ask God to take away their fear.


On Saturday afternoon, we visited our friend’s mother in a nearby village. Her home is very old and built in traditional style with the center room an alter for ancestor worship. Taiwan has it own style of Buddhism mixed with the worship of the dead. Some even put bowls of fruit on the table in front of the altar. A mirror hangs over the door so that evil spirits will see themselves and be frightened away.

In the courtyard, we met with Fuy Mae’s mother and tried to show her the love of Jesus. As I knelt to pray with her, I was very aware that a family’s idol was in front of me. At my back was an altar to the god of heaven and a ghost money burner used in sacrifices. Pray for this dear lady to come to faith.


We spent today sharing His hope with over 2200 children and teachers. Some were very happy to see us, others made it very clear that they were not glad we came. We ignore the glares of some Buddhist teachers and focus on the children, which were having a wonderful time and leave the program with a sweet taste for the Gospel. One Buddhist principal gave us a “thumbs up”. A little girl brought me a note after the school, which said, “I love you.” Others ask for the drawings. All of us are blessed and tired. Please pray for open hearts, strength, and healing.

In Jesus,

Linda for David, Brittany, Sam, and Jonlyn