Dearest Friends,


I am sitting in a cancer hospital for children as I write these words. We have had three shows here today and are waiting to do a third. Some of these children will never leave this place, so it is a special privilege to be able to tell them about Jesus and the hope He gives. On a normal day, there are not many smiles here. We understand that it was a rare privilege to see smiles on their faces as they watch the puppets, listen to the Bible stories, and hear Jonlyn, Sam, David, and Brittany share His love. A hospital administrator, who watched the program, had these two questions, “When will you come again?” and “Can you stay longer next time and do more shows?”

The first show touched all of us. Children, rolling their IV’s with them, came down the hall to see the program. Many doctors and nurses joined us and some where strong believers. They had helped to open this door for us to share with the children. Two little girls, about 7 and 8 who are undergoing chemotherapy, came and thanked me after the show. Already their hair has fallen out, but even though they were sick, the wanted all of us to know they listened and were grateful for what they heard. Then, they SMILED!!! We all felt a great outpouring of God’s Spirit and know that many of you were standing here with us as you prayed.

More than 200 people filled an outpatient waiting area where we shared with our second show. The children crowded closer and closer, eager to watch a Christina presentation. This hunger and curiosity to hear about Jesus was put in them by our Father.

At every show, Jerry and Sandy Cole (our missionary friends) provided wonderful coloring books that told Bible stories in Chinese for all of the children. They also had copies of a Christian family magazine for the parents. Pray that God will use each book to touch the heart of a child and call them to faith.



The other day, when a TV station interviewed me, they asked me one question, “Why do you want to these programs?” I reminded them of the many problems that children face and told them all about Jesus Christ who can meet never need. Sandy was also interviewed, and she also used the opportunity to point them to the cross.


THE REST OF THE TEAM- David, Sam, Jonlyn, and Brittany

In their youth and their passion for Christ, David, Jonlyn, and Brittany have touched many lives. The following comments were from thank you cards they received this week. “I admire your courage and that you use your talents to honor God.” “When I watch your shows, it makes my heart full of love.” “You bring happiness and love and I see God’s love in you.” “I think the way you tell people about God’s love is cool.” “Thank you for all the hard work done for God, known or unknown.” I praise God for each one of these dear friends. Please ask the Lord to continue to provide for their financial needs for these trips. More, please ask God to send us more young people who walk in faith as they walk.

Every time I see the children delighted by Sam’s juggling, I remember all of his hours spent practicing. Truly, he invested his time well. He has used these skills to share in a fun way with tens of thousands of children. Praise God!


Our last show in Taiwan was an incredible blessing! We set up in the entryway on the ground floor of the hospital. Half the audience were doctors and nurses at the hospital and most of these people were not believers. Still, they stood and watched for an hour and all of us felt that they listened with their hearts. Our Taiwanese brothers and sisters were shocked at the large numbers (around 200) and their response. They asked us to pray for more conversations to Jesus with these co-workers. Please pray! One doctor told me, “When you shook the thunder drum and told how Jesus poke and calmed the storm, I could feel it in my heart. I was so moved.”

This has been the best trip! Thank you for praying.



Tomorrow, Thursday, we start home. Pray us safely home.


In Jesus,

Linda for David, Sam, Brittany, and Jonlyn