Dearest Friends,

Today was a wonderful day. We shared with a puppet show in the village of Krasna for a group of gypsy children. The name Krasna literally translates beautiful and it was beautiful to see what God did today. The children were attending a special school, which targeted the needs of gypsy children. The program was designed to help them succeed in learning to read and write, as well as emphasizing social skills. The teachers realized that the children were unable to learn because they had not learned certain things at home that would make it possible for them to succeed in school. Sixteen-year-old young people were in 5th grade. So the teachers began to teach basic life skills.

The principal is an atheist, but she allowed us complete freedom to share everything we wanted to share about Jesus. She had a plan for every one of the children’s needs, but one, she could not five them hope. Only faith in Jesus Christ can give these children real purpose in life. The children live in very difficult situations and are in desperate need of knowing God as their father. Alcoholism is a big problem, in the Gypsy community and home is not a safe place.

Two years ago, when she began this program, 40% of the gypsy children in this town did not attend school. Now only 8% fail to get an education. Please pray for this principal to see that there are some problems that she cannot solve without God. Please pray for her to come to faith. She had an injured hand today and I promised to pray for God to heal her hand, I felt very strongly impressed to tell her this. Please ask god to do this and show her that he is God.

At the end of the program the children sang for us two songs, one in their gypsy language of Rome and one in Slovak. Their response to the entire program was incredible; everyone was amazed at how attentive they were. They laughed and clapped and enjoyed every moment. All of us could feel God’s Spirit in that place. Please pray for God to call these children to faith in Him. Ask the Lord to call them pray tonight and ask Jesus to be their Savior.

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Anna, Jonlyn, and Hadia