Dearest Friends,

Slovakia is green and full of flowers. It is beautiful! We all arrived safely from the USA, Northern Ireland, and France and all of our equipment (except from the one giant bird puppet) arrived and in good condition.

Tonight, we were blessed to be in Slovakia and working again with The Father’s Heart and Bevan Stein! As we shared our “red soup” with friends (we have no idea what flavor it was), all of us were touched by their stories.

We want to share with you some of these stories over the next few days. Many gypsy children have very poor diets and live in conditions that are extremely difficult. Make a list in your mind of the basic things that you need to raise your children. To understand how these children live, mark everything on your list as a luxury or maybe only a dream. Three meals a day is an unrealistic expectation.

We need your help! The following is a detailed list of prayer requests for Friday through Monday. Please share this list with praying friends. Surround us with your prayers. Love these children by getting on your knees. So many of these children have no real opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ and how He loves them.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Friday, we will travel across the country to Bratislava to begin work with our second Slovak puppet team. Please pray for a safe journey.
  2. Saturday in Bratislava, we have three shows outdoors. Please ask God to stop the rain and give us good weather!
  3. Sunday, we will share in a church about what God is doing around the world in the lives of children. Please ask the Lord to put His words in our mouths.
  4. Monday morning, we have an outdoor show in a very poor gypsy village. Pray for good weather, as there is no indoor facility available. Ask God to cause the entire village to attend.
  5. As always, we have unexpected needs and expenses. Since most gypsy children get no fruit in their diet, it has been suggested that we buy apples to give the children at certain shows. Please ask the Father to supply these funds.
  6. Please continue to pray for the thief who stole our big bird puppet and that God will call him to faith. We do not know in which airport this happened, but God knows. Please pray for the $130 necessary to replace this puppet.
  7. Ask the Lord to give the Slovak children a hunger for the things of God. Ask Him to call many to faith.
  8. We have 4 places in our schedule that are open for puppet shows. Ask God to fill these opportunities with children.
  9. Please pray for the team. Ask God to put His love in our eyes and His kindness in our every action.

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Jonlyn, Hadia, and Anna.