Linda, Hadia and Nola left Atlanta for Moldova this afternnon. We had no trouble at the Atlanta aairport. The security screeners said, "It’s the puppet people again. We love playing with your puppets as we serch your bags." Prraise the Lord, they only lightly searched two of the eight bags and I was able to watch them repack those bags. Any time that they search our bags, they do not get them packed back as good as we had them and things seems to get "lost" Last year, they "lost" an 6 ft bird puppet somewhere between Atlanta and Vienna.

Please pray for tomorrow!! They will be meeting Sam Shaw from Ireland at the airport and the team from Ukraine will be arriving there, driving a minibus as well.

Please pray the the customs officials do not give them a lot of trouble. Linda, Hadia and Nola are carrying 8, 70 lb bags of equipment.

Also, for anyone who is local to us that is interested in having a puppet show at their church on a Wednesday or Sunday night in November and early Decemberl, contact us by either email or by phone at 706-397-2956. Linda will contact you in two weeks when she returns.

In Christ,

Mike for the team