Dearest Friends,

Problem in Vienna

We are in Moldova and most of our luggage arrived with us. When we were leaving Vienna, Hadia found 3 of our suitcases and our stage sitting beside the airplane. They were not going to even try to put them on the plane. After some conversation, a lot of begging, more prayer and desperate faces from us, they did succeed in loading the stage and two of the bags on the plane. Praise God!

Please pray for our last bag of equipment to arrive safely tomorrow, as there is only one flight a day. We are already 2 hundred kilometers from the airport and going further each day. We have been told that the airline does not deliver the luggage they loose. Again, please, pray that somehow we will be able to receive this bag as there is equipment in it that we must have. Pray!!!!!!!


Moldova has many problems. Many people have left the country. Everyone that is still in this country wants to leave because it is so difficult here. Over 60% of all their teachers have left the country. Things are very different here than they are in Ukraine. Anyway, Moldova is like Ukraine but 10 years ago.

Sam, Oksana and Sergei arrive

Sam Shaw, our Irish puppet director, arrived safely after an adventure in Hungary. Oksana Pivovar and Sergei Morgun drove from Ukraine and have already been a great blessing to us. We were having trouble in customs today but Oksana’s Russian saved us. The custom’s official asked Oksana who she was and she said,"I’m the personal interpreter of Linda Summer". Then he asked me if I was an actress 🙂 but he let all of us pass without charges.

We are a team from four nations and all of us need your prayers.

Tomorrow ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ.

Tomorrow we begin our ministry with three puppet shows.

Love in Jesus, the Moldova puppet team
Linda, Hadia, Nola, Sam, Oksana, Sergei