Dearest Friends,

Indian, Zulu, and White Children

Imagine setting up the puppet stage on a very cloudy day on a grassy slope besides a small Indian church. See the enthusiasm of all the children as they laugh, scream, and enjoy every part of the program. Hear their voices as many ask Jesus to be their Savior. This is how we spent Saturday afternoon.

S.O.S Children’s Home

Your prayers open doors! When we first arrived at the orphanage it seemed that the matron would not allow us to do the show. We prayed and grudgingly, she allowed us to set up. By the end of the show, she was smiling and said that her heart had been touched. Best of all, we heard many orphans praying out loud asking Jesus to be their Father.

A New Name

A lady came and spoke to me after we did a puppet show one day. She told me that she wanted to give me a new name, an African name. She called me "Lerato." It mean’s love. Please ask God to deepen our love for the children of Africa. We want them to see Jesus in us.

Union Bible Institute

This is a wonderful place for over 65 years young men and young women from all over Africa have come to study the Bible. It is a non-denominational Bible Institute that offers classes in English and Zulu. Perhaps, you could be a blessing to this place through teaching, office work, or building repairs, or simply sending books. They need lots of help! Can you help them? Contact Tony Gould by e-mail at and mention this note. There are many ways to serve pray and seek a place, in Africa, at home, somewhere to share Jesus.

Sunday Morning

Old people were crying, young people listening, and children laughing as they watched the puppet show. A very kind pastor, Brain Jardine, invited us to share at his Sunday morning service. We did a puppet show, testimonies, I told a story and James preached. The pastor hopes that some of the people in the area will be challenged to work with local children. Many churches that we visit have twice as many children attending as adults. Most come from non-Christian homes. Please ask God to answer his prayer!

Some the comments we received were very funny. Many older people told me that they though the way the frog puppet and the alligator fought was very cheeky. That means funny with an attitude. One dear lady who was in very failing health and barely able to move said that she had not laughed so much in years. Children thanked us.

The pastor told everyone that I was seventy years old and then James made the same joke. Unfortunately, everyone believed him. So many people who were really 70 spoke to me and said, "you move so fast. You really challenge me." "A woman your age, amazing!" Nothing I said could persuade them otherwise.


Please pray for us as we have only 5 more days of ministry in Africa. The schedule is very full and we have many schools scheduled this week. Pray that our health would remain good. Ask God to pour his spirit on these last days.

In Jesus,
Linda for