Dearest Friends,

Amazing Shows

More than a hundred voices prayed out loud at a school asking Jesus to be their Savior. The principal had really enjoyed the show and told the children only Jesus could fix their hearts. Amazing! This was a public school!

Very small children delighted in Sam’s story of Jonah. They were very young, but they listened intently as Sam told them about God’s love for them. Ironically, we were in a place where 10 years ago it would have been very dangerous for us to be. We might have had a tire put around our necks filled with gas and had it lit. South Africa has been blessed by the changes that did not result in civil war. So many people here believe that it is only the prayers of the believers who saved this beautiful country from a terrible fate.

Answered Prayer

Last night God was very good to me. Some things had distracted me from my prayer life and it had suffered. I was not as focused on praying each evening for the next day’s programs as I needed to be. So last night, the Lord showed me my mistakes, and my sin, I spent the best hour with the Lord and asked His forgiveness, and begged Him to do great things today at the shows.

What an amazing day! We all agreed that it was singularly the best 4 shows that we have had in South Africa. At every one of the programs, children prayed out loud, hundreds and hundreds of children, asking Jesus to be their Savior! Praise God for confession, forgiveness and answered prayer.

We were all delighted as over 1000 children at a single show sat in the dirt and listened with complete attention! All 3 principals encouraged the children that they needed to remember the stories and testimonies to trust Jesus! At one school, we even received medals on red ribbons. I felt like an athlete! (This is an especially funny thought.)

Urgent Prayer

Only three and a half days of ministry remain. Please ask God to be very, very big. We are actually training a team in Durban the morning that we leave for home. Please pray for these last days. We want to see a mighty outpouring of God’s spirit!

In Jesus,
Linda for