Dearest friends,

The biggest crowd

1400 children gathered outside at a school and sat on the ground and those that would not fit, watched from the windows. They delighted in the puppets, listened so quietly to the story and prayed by the hundreds to accept Jesus as their Savior. If you have been praying for us, you were a part of this amazing morning. When you pray we see God do awesome things!

No Fathers, No Mothers

Last night, we did a program at a Christian orphanage, but we did not see or feel Jesus love in this place. When we entered, the caretakers were screaming at the children. This seemed to be the rule in this place. The children were clearly afraid of the people who were responsible for telling them about Jesus. I wondered if they even knew Him.

All of us felt the darkness in this place and saw the sadness in the children’s eyes. How can I describe to you their fear and pain? We expect to see this in state run facilities around the world and we have been in to many to count. However, this one was run by a well known Christian organization and should have been a safe place for children.

A large group of boys begged me to let them see the show, but the matron in charge refused. Lynn and James begged her to let them come, but she was a very hard woman, unbending to their pleas.

Children in this home are not adopted. They spend their whole lives here; coming as babies. Some were placed there because their homes were bad places. Ironically, it was the only place in this town that had razor wire looped on top of the fence.

Many laughed quickly but some were deeply hurt and slow to smile. Lynn held two little boys in her lap during the show who just wanted to be loved. Both were very wet dirty and soaked Lynn’s trousers, but she just loved them. James, Hadia, Lynn and I were quite overcome by what we saw and felt because all of us have adopted family members. Outside the orphanage, all of us gathered for prayer and we wept for the children. We prayed for the children and the staff. We wept. It broke our hearts to think of those we love in a place like this. It broke our hearts to leave so many dear children where they are not loved and cherished. Please pray for all of the children who prayed with us to become strong in their faith! Please pray for their protection! Please pray for His light to flood this place!

We made balloon animals for the children and made sure every child was hugged and loved by us.

I spoke to several children, told them that they were special, and encouraged them that they could survive this place. One small boy said, "Please, could I have a balloon for my older brother? He wasn’t allowed to come." I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. I smiled, hugged him, and he promised to tell his brother everything he had heard.

Psalm 2: 8

"Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance and the ends of the earth your possession." This verse was printed on the wall of a hall where we did a puppet show and saw Zulu, English and Indian children pray to receive Christ. This verse is our prayer. All of us want to see children of the world come to faith. Beg the father to open more countries for ministry! This is the opportunity that we see and the only riches we crave. We pray for teams across all of Africa!


Anna told the story of the prodigal son to 3, 4 and 5 year olds and it was absolutely wonderful!

We had the opportunity to tell adults at a home for the mentally handicapped about Jesus. Anyone can understand His love. One dear lady came to me after hearing the story of Zachaeus and how Jesus gave him joy. She said, while patting her heart, "Now, I am jolly. Now, I am jolly." This was her sweet way of telling us that she had listened and understood.

Another lady came to me at this same home and told me all of the details about the crucifixion. She quoted the words of the thieves on either side of Jesus perfectly. I thought of how many well educated people I know who do not possess this much Bible knowledge. Then I wondered who is mentally handicapped?

In Jesus,

Linda for