Dearest Friends,

Street Children

Our last show in Africa was a Friday night outreach at a church. In soft whispers, children put their trust in Jesus. Three of the children who prayed were street children who were now living at a Christian orphanage. One boy looked so old when you looked in his eyes, but he was only 12. Living on the streets, he had seen so much that he seemed older. Tonight, he has a Father.


We were told that the children would be very unresponsive at the shows but they absolutely loved everything. More, the pastor was surprised when he heard so many children praying out loud. Thank you for praying.

Zulu Children

All of us leave Africa amazed at how little it takes to be a blessing to the Zulu children. Such small things made them so happy!

The countryside is so beautiful, but because of sin, it is full of problems. Men rarely are faithful to their wives. Many never marry, but live together and change partners often. There are no jobs, lots of crime, and tremendous alcoholism. It is a hard place to be a child. Please pray for God to pour His Spirit on the Zulu children and call many to faith. Ask the father to raise up leaders from among them to reach their own people for Jesus.

12,000 People

What has God done on this trip? Besides sharing with over 12,000 children, teenagers , and adults, we have had 4 opportunities to train people. Please ask God to raise up more people who want to work with children in South Africa.

Big Thanks

Please ask God to bless James and Lynne Grant as the share with children across South Africa! They organised this entire trip, arranged the food and housing at drove us around in their van. They were awesome! If you want to be part of their ministry, they are also with PEF. Please note that James did all of the things you read about over the last 2 and a half weeks and more. He is 68. How are you spending your retirement, on yourself or in ministry? James and Lynne truly love Jesus! Thank you!

Thank you for praying!

In Jesus,

Linda for