Dearest Friends,


A newspaper article reported on the school systems of Zulu Natal. We read this article as we were leaving and it illustrates why it is so important to reach these particular children with the Gospel. At an elementary school representative of all the schools in the area where we were working, 201 blood samples were taken and 198 were HIV positive. What can you say? I beg you to pray!


Always the Father encourages us! At the airport in Durban, a little Indian boy who was of the 12,0000 children that we did puppet shows for, stood in line in front of us. He told his father all about it.

Just before leaving for the airport, we had a sweet opportunity to train some new friends in how to reach children for Christ. During this time,I began to feel sick and by the time we arrived at the airport, I knew that I had eaten something bad. As I boarded the plane, I began to pray. "Father, you say that you are a husband to the widows. Well, Father, Mike always took care of me when I was sick and now I need you to take care of me. Please help me!"

God wonderfully answered! No sooner had I finished praying than I heard the steward call out, "It’s the Agape Puppet lady." Bjorn loves Jesus and his presence reminded me that God always hears. WE met him almost 2 years ago on another trip and he had been following us through the emails.

I was very ill, visiting the bathroom 19 times and finally laying on a bed that the flight attendants made for me on the galley floor. The Lufthansa people were so very kind. They suggested a hospital in Frankfurt, but I wanted to go home.

Hadia and I made it home, kept smiling, thanked God for His providence, and were amazed at God’s provision. She had a terrible sore throat, but there were no complaints. We were blessed again and again throughout the rest of the trip as God sent strangers to help us.


Several days after returning home, we did a show at Whitefield Academy in Mableton,Ga. More than 30 children told us that they had trusted Jesus. Praise God!


Now, I am in Florida waiting the birth of our second grandson. Please pray for Matt and Jill and the safe arrival of baby boy Summer. Ask God to call him to Jesus when he is very young. Please pray for the entire family as we all wish that MIke was here with us. His absence is keenly felt, but we are blessed by God’s faithfulness.

In Jesus,LInda