Dearest Friends,

Street Child

I met a girl today who lives on the street. She has a home, but her mother is always pregnant and by different men. She does not know her father. She looked to be about 7 years old, but malnourishment can make children much smaller. Her name is Natanaela. The directors of the school noticed her and encouraged her to come to school. That is the only place where she is fed. We did not see her smile through the entire program. Her eyes were full of pain. She barely speaks.

I knelt at her feet. Everyone looks down on her. I wanted it to be different this once. I said, "Please remember the stories you heard today. Jesus really does care for you. He will help you… No matter what happens. Ask Him. I love you."

This life promises nothing for this little one. This is true for all of us, but she understands. Please pray for Natanaela tonight ask God to give her a warm safe place to sleep. Ask God, in His mercy, to call Natanaela to Himself.


Gambling is a big problem in Brazil. It is always a waste of money, but it is particularily sad here as so many poor people gamble. They spend what they do not have, risking so much for nothing. People believe and are told their hopes and dreams can be satisfied with money. Please pray that these dear people will see that only Jesus can satisfy these deep longings.

Radio Interview

A local Baptist Pastor had a spot on a radio station. He invited the Presbyterian Pastor that we are working with to bring me by for an interview. We had a wonderful time talking about Jesus and explaining how He alone can meet the needs of the children. Our Baptist friend was so excited about the program that he had seen that after people heard his radio report, they immediately began calling the station and asking where they could attend the next program. Most amazing of all, this was not a Christian radio station and the people listening were not believers some even came to the training session. Praise God!


Hobsum is a little boy at a school that has so many students, they have four seperate schedules each day. We did shows for every group and Hobsum came to the second show. When it was time for him to go home, he stayed so he could watch the show two more times. Please pray for Hobsum. He prayed with us and needs to grow. He is so hungry. he followed us today to another show.

At his school, there is only one Christian on staff. She works in the lunchroom. I promised that I would ask people to pray for her to be a light in this dark place. There is a good church nearby that can help with follow up and there is much work to do. Hundreds of children prayed out loud. Even though the directors and teachers were not believers, they loved the programs and begged us to come again.


We have finished training our first new team. They follow us to every show, riding in the back of a giant truck, singing all the way. They look for every opportunity to help. These are amazing people! They sleep on the floor with us or on small cots. Forty of us eat together each meal, pray and rejoice. We are eternally grateful for the people of Chestnut mountain PCA who sacrificially bought the team tickets to fly from Sao Paulo to the North. Without their gift we would have missed six days of shows with these wonderful people. Hundreds of children have prayed with us! Thank you!

In Jesus,

Linda for